Butterfly Bakery

"Transforming Allergy-Friendly Treats"

Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Peanut & Tree-nut*

What We Do ...

Our operation is very small. We make small batches of items in our home that are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, peanut and tree-nut. 

We ensure our items are prepared as safely as possible without cross-contact of anything that could potentially jeopardize El’s health – or anyone similar to her that may indulge in the sweet treats! 

We make cakes and cupcakes for friends birthdays, events or school outings. We make scones – these are the OG, tried and true, they kicked us off. Then there are the Scuffins! They have become increasingly more common in our baking repertoire due to their deliciousness and ease of ‘scooping’ vs cutting – this is simply a scone that looks like a muffin top! 

We also make breads, Chex mix, granola and pancake/waffle mixes and anything else that looks delicious! Though these are more for us personally, we have also made for a few friends by request.

Most recently we have been preparing our scone dough and instantly freezing for people to have “ready to bake” gluten-free/wheat free, dairy free, egg free, peanut and tree-nut free items hot and fresh right out of their own oven! That is truly the biggest goal with these items. Many people who know gluten-free items, know that after a day or so they have lost their ‘spark’, still edible but not as delicious. Now all you need to do is pop one … or all twelve (because let’s be honest, these won’t sit around for any length of time…) into the oven anytime you want a sweet treat or pastry for breakfast (or dinner… no judgement).

You can find us in a booth from time to time at events or locally in our town at The Marshall Inn a couple times a year selling cupcakes and other delicious goodies – we will always post about it ahead of time on IG @the_goodeslife so follow along! And always reach out – we love questions, comments and inquires!



Happy eating!

How it Started ...

Whether you have been following along with us for a while or are just popping in to check out “Butterfly Bakery”, here is a little information about how it started. It’s pretty simple and straightforward and makes a whole-lotta sense for us! 

I (me, Ashli) have been dreaming about starting a bakery since I could see over the counter in my Grampa’s kitchen. He instilled a love of baking, delicious hardy food and spending time around family. I baked various items whenever I could and loved providing happy meals for people to gather around. In my college dorm I made chili using a microwave and crockpot (shhhh that was illegal to have) and scratch cornbread in the microwave! 

Fast forward a handful of years and I was baking in my house, messing with recipes and enjoyed entertaining … move forward to 2017 and our first daughter was born and taught us all about food allergies! 

I now had to learn to bake all over again without wheat, egg, dairy, peanut or tree-nut *(coconut is ok since it’s technically a seed but deemed a tree-nut by the FDA for allergy purposes). 

I didn’t let this stop me, it fueled my fire to bake even more - though there were certainly bouts of serious frustration the first few years!!

I didn’t let this stop me, it fueled my fire to bake even more – though there were certainly bouts of serious frustration the first few years!! El would sit in her bouncy seat watching, eventually her highchair at the counter and then standing next to me in a stool. She was growing to love measuring, mixing and watching science take form just as much as her momma – I was thrilled! 

Moving into 2022, after El hearing me say “I want to open a bakery” for the ten thousandth time since she was born, she told me she was going to start a bakery. I inquired (and was ecstatic!).

El: I am going to open a bakery! 

Me: (giddy) You are? What will you sell?

El: Things that people like me can eat. So other people who can’t have different things can have the yummy things we make. 

Me: (teary-eyed) I love that idea! What will you call your bakery?

El: Humm. Butterfly Bakery! 

Me: Well you named that bakery fast. Why Butterfly Bakery?

El: Because I like butterflies and because they transform from a caterpillar and are so pretty (yes, she said this, she is obsessed with the life cycle of butterflies and will tell you all about the process!)

Me: You better get to work on your business plan! 

First page of El's Business Plan and practicing drawing for her logo.

She asked for a notebook and went to work on a business plan – drawing pictures of all the foods she would need to make the recipes, what kind of food she would sell and what she would need – sugar was the first ingredient! Lol

"Mom, I'm drawing all my ingredients, can you write what they are..."

Then a few months later her dad came home one night and said he got her a booth for a local event and she could sell her baked goods – her eyes beamed and we began writing down tasks and talking about expenses, profit and overall expectations… she was hooked! And, got right to work on a Butterfly sign :) ! 

From there … Butterfly Bakery,“Transforming allergy friendly treats” was started! >|<

Purpose ...

El’s purpose is to raise money for our California TIP trips, see “Flying for Food Freedom” and read about her allergy journey.

Her most important ask was to save enough money so her sister could come every time. Her second, was buying bakery items when we are in California – thanks to Sensitive Sweets and Twice Baked Baking Co. being amazing options for us! …

And, a little bit of an inspiration ;).

The delicious Sensitive Sweets in Southern California
El's first public Butterfly Bakery sale
For the best Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate cake; Twice Baked Baking Co in Southern California

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