Visit 3, Part III: The Appointments!

Food Visit 3, Part III: The Appointments … Aka the reason we are there! Reducing travel stress, ensuring there are fun things along the way and familiar items to get excited about are all great, and help the trip … however, the true reason we are doing all of this is for the medical appointments. […]

Visit 3, Part II: El’s List

Visit 3, Part II: El’s List of “to-do” activities and adventures while in California It’s not very often – if ever – I am with just El these days, so yes, the trip was a little anxiety riddled for me (see Part One) to be with just her, however I was also ecstatic to embrace […]

Visit 3, Part I: The travel and toll

Visit 3, Part 1: The travel and the toll it takes on us … Food Visit 3 was a trip for two. Due to significant increases in airfare and travel expenses we decided it would be a trip for just El and Mom this time. I’ve solo-traveled a lot and love it. I have no […]

What is So Cal Food Allergy: TIP?

What is Southern California Food Allergy Institute TIP? I’ll provide a quick breakdown to help you better understand the terms I talk about as we embark on the journey to Food Freedom and TIP As we navigate the program over the next three to four years there are some key terms you will hear us […]

Flying for Food Freedom

Flying Food Freedom Maine to CA

Flying for Food Food Allergy Freedom Journey with SoCal Food Allergy Institute October 21, 2021 We are off! Today, we begin a new journey. One that we have been hoping for. A day that has been full of excitement, nerves and uncertainty, for months. First a cross-country flight. Then a quest for freedom and independence […]