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Depending on the travel this can look different. I’ll break it down to overnight travel, day-trips, driving and flying with food allergies. My goal is to provide you a few of our favorite, and my go-to items, for every adventure we go on whether going to the store (read about that with my one hour, one way, grocery shopping adventures…), a weekend camping trip or flight across country

Overnight travel: 
  1. Prepare meals and snack ahead of time:
    Cut up, as well as leave some whole, fruits and veggies. Having veggies pre-washed and cut for snacking or cooking saves time and allows you to enjoy more on your adventure! 
  2. Grab and go!
    Easy prepared and packaged food like apple sauce/fruit and veggie pouches, granola bars and veggie straws or cauliflower puffs are always in the bag! Oh, and my youngest favorite Gluten-Free blueberry fig bars.
  3. Prep a meal or two, freeze it ahead of time and utilize as an ice-pack for the cooler and a quick meal when needed. This is a game changer – providing you more space in your cooler for valuable allergen free foods but turning some of them into your ice packs:
    • Quick meal idea to prep and freeze or pack :
      • Cook chicken in the crockpot with a jar of salsa to prepare pulled chicken. Freeze it in freezer bags (or container) and it doubles as ice for the cooler and a quick (partially thawed) go-to meal.
      • Add soft corn tortilla or chips. I sometimes go all out and mix corn and black-beans and/or rice right in with the chicken!
      • Couple other easy “Freeze & Go” meals are chili, or meat sauce to go over gluten-free pasta. Check out Travel Recipes
  4. Airplane travel is more complex depending on for how long, where you are going, if you can access a grocery store or restaurant that has food you can eat, where you are staying and if you are checking luggage or not. Check out Food Prep for Air Travel for easy travel and fun tips!

Day trips:

  1. Prep, easy-grab, healthy snack options that are also delicious!
    • I love these snack packs or multi portion container. I use them all the time for any travel! I fill one side with cut fruit (pears, apples, etc.) and the other with a go to ‘dry’ snack like cauliflower puffs, GF pretzels or corn crackers that I know they will eat. 
  1. Prep full breakfast, lunch or dinner (time depending) for the kid(s):
    • The Bentgo box is one of our favorites to provide a good variety meal and easy to eat in the car or on a bench! (Note: I don’t typically air-travel with these, I like the flexibility of being able to throw out a container if I need to.)
  2. Go-to quick and easy snacks
    • Having shelf-stable snacks that are also nutritious and delicious available at all times when not near home, a grocery store that supplies allergen-friendly foods or any dining equipment, is key!
    • We choose organic veggie/fruit pouches, Made Good snack items, protein ‘sticks’ – like beef, pork, chicken sticks.
  3. Rollups /sandwiches/ tuna fish/ etc. – easy day time snack
    • Apple Gate cooked ham slices are always in our fridge and travel cooler with a package of dairy-free cheese. Take a slice of each and roll them together – this is our classic, go-to, ‘rollup’. Or I place a slice of each with lettuce and tomato on gluten-free vegan sandwich bread.
    • Prepping a big travel bowl with tuna fish mixed with vegan mayo, mustard and or avocado is a hit for us too. Either scoop it onto gluten-free bread or wraps, or we bring tortilla chips and cucumber slices to scoop and eat out of a bowl!
    • Classic-for-all-time sandwich is the spin on a good ole PB&J, just made with either Wow Butter or Sunbutter and vegan jelly on gluten-free bread or wrap.

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