Flying for Food Freedom


Flying for Food

Food Allergy Freedom Journey with SoCal Food Allergy Institute

October 21, 2021

We are off!

Today, we begin a new journey. One that we have been hoping for. A day that has been full of excitement, nerves and uncertainty, for months. First a cross-country flight. Then a quest for freedom and independence of food allergies.

Eloise has been accepted into a food allergy treatment program in California to pursue food freedom. The thought of this phrase "food freedom" has so much more meaning than being able to "eat whatever".

It means fewer or no reactions.

Allowing her skin to heal and her breathing to improve.

It means potentially no risk from cross-contamination that will cause an unexpected reaction.

It means being able to attend family gatherings and friends birthday parties without significant fear and anxiety ... or just being able to attend!

It means being able to walk into a bakery.

It means the potential for further travel and more wilderness adventures.

It means her QUALITY of life will be so much better.


And, TODAY is the day we start our multi-year journey with many prayers and well wishes for a successful program! There is no guarantee. But there is an abundance of love, positive thoughts and strong energy rooting for this little girl and what her future holds.

Baby girl,
You are Strong. You are Brave. You are Beautiful.
Mommy loves you so much.

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