The Beginning: Journey into Eczema, Food Allergies and Asthma



Journey into Eczema, Food Allergies and Asthma

A short intro to why I am here, sharing El's story and our story. The hopes of awareness and connection. Letting others know they are not alone and providing support and tips to ease the anxiety along the way.

Three weeks into life our little lady El had a horrible skin rash from head to toe. Nothing seemed to cure it. Multiple trips to the doctors, trying all the emollients we could and topical creams for (what had been stated as) eczema – nothing worked.

At 6 weeks we were able to squeeze into a lunch time appointment with a dermatologist (who we will forever be grateful for – she is an incredible doctor and person!!). She was aghast at our littles skin and instantly helped us with steroid topicals and an antibiotic lotion for the infected skin. El was diagnosed with severe atopic dermatitis (eczema).

We waited impatiently for the prescription to be ready at the pharmacy … a couple hours later we had the new creams to try. She slept for 4 hours straight that night, first time she slept more than 1-2 hours since she came home from the hospital! We were headed down the right path … But what we didn’t realize, was how much this would adjust everything we thought we “knew”.

Along with topicals came recommendations to adjust diet due to the correlation of eczema and food allergies. I had removed dairy from my diet (solely breastfeeding) a week prior due to my personal research. We quickly started to see the adjustment in her skin, her mood and her overall feeling. This was followed with an appointment at the allergist, at six months, due to our dermatologists recommendation. Just shy of a year old I sat in the allergist office with my daughter, and my incredible mother, and watched her back breakout in hives during the skin prick test. We had a diagnosis on wheat, egg, peanut and dairy. Which was confirmed with further bloodwork.

Her story and our journey is what has pushed me to be here today. Sharing our beautiful life to hopefully comfort others to not feel alone in this battle. To emphasize that everyone has struggles and adjustments. We are all unique and individual in so many ways and that is the most beautiful thing about life. How you work through it, share it, battle the hard times and relish in the good. Life is beautiful in so many raw, real and exciting ways.

Welcome to our journey, with El.

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